Move hearts with sound technology and become the new standard.

The sense of wonder is the first step to change the world.
That's why we use sound technology to move people.
With our products, services, and experiences that are in tune with user insight.
We'll turn that sense of wonder into confidence and trust.
Our goal isn't simply to follow trends, but to create the new standard of how we live with sound.


Open your ears, open your mind.
Open Ears
We're all professional listeners. Be open-minded. Accepting different values and backgrounds can inspire breakthroughs.
Encourage diverse point“s” of view.
Renew Viewpoints
Drive your team to see the world from a different vantage point.
Only those who are willing to see things from a new perspective can set new standards.
To be a responsible explorers.
Tune-in to Society
Be proactive in responding to the needs of society. Not only through our products and services, but in our attitudes and actions that can set the example for the next generation.