Technology 01 Distinguish Sounds

Magic Focus Voice

Sounds in the acoustic space is distinguished by the difference in sound entering the mics positioned in different orientations. This technology clearly extracts only the necessary sounds through a two-step process using beamforming and spectral filtering.


  • Devices that isolate voices during conference calls.

  • Products and devices that enable communication in loud factories.

  • Tools that extract voices from ambient sounds while driving.

Technology 02 Enclose Sound

Personalized Sound Zone(PSZ)

By simultaneously "emitting sound" and "canceling sound," Personalized Sound Zone Technology encapsulates sound in an open environment, suppressing sound leakage in all directions, securing high-quality sound.


  • Headphone-free aircraft seats.

  • Individualized sound-enhancing car seats.

  • Open-ear devices that minimize sound leakage.

Technology 03 Identify specific sounds with

Event Detection

Magic Focus Voice technology detects the spatial distribution of ambient noise.
This technology can identify specific sounds from the ambient noise with a high degree of accuracy.


  • Detection of abnormal sounds from machinery.

  • Detection of abnormal sounds, such as those related to crime.

  • Detection of crying.