We Create
Your Own
Sound Zone.

The voice of a telecommuting partner in an open office.
A child's voice that you want to hear while teleworking.
A favorite song that you want to enjoy in a crowded place while traveling.
Depending on the situation, the sounds you want to hear will always be changing.
"Only the sounds you want to hear can be heard”. NTT sonority will make such a world a reality.

High quality audio for all your daily life.

Open ear wearable devices without sound leakage that can be used in both private and business situations, and portable speakers that propagate sound only within a certain range.
We provide a more comfortable lifestyle with products that allow you to enjoy high quality audio while talking as usual.

Experience sound like never before in your own “Personalized Sound Zone”.

We are developing aircraft seats that provide a more private acoustic space in the aircraft, and automobile seats that allow different audio playback for each user to improve comfort in the automobile WITHOUT using earphone or headphone. The ability to enjoy audio comfortably in a private space makes long journeys more enjoyable and comfortable.

Business OverviewService

We are engaged in the following businesses related to voice, sound, etc.

  • Planning, development, manufacturing, sales and commissioned development of audio equipment, etc

  • Research and development of acoustic technology, provision of technology, and commissioned work for experiments, etc.

  • Research, measurement, analysis and consulting of sound-related information


An unprecedented sound experiences, Stress-free sound environment

Invention of PSZ technology, the core technology for providing the ultimate private acoustic space

This is a technology that uses dedicated speakers with special hardware technology and acoustic signal processing technology to reproduce sound in a specific area with open ears, without the use of wearable devices such as earphones or headphones.| PSZ technology does not rely solely on digital signal processing as in the past, but realizes new value by discovering the basic principles of acoustics and incorporating them into hardware. In addition to PSZ technology, we provide products and services that realize a comfortable acoustic space in a variety of business and private situations by combining globally competitive acoustic technologies such as intelligent microphone technology and active noise cancellation technology.


so·nor·i·ty | sə-ˈnȯr-ə-tē: the quality or state of being sonorous : RESONANCE

so·nor·i·ty | sə-ˈnȯr-ə-tē: the quality or state of being sonorous : RESONANCE

Acoustic signal processing technology was born in the telecommunications industry and has been refined over the years. This technology is now transcending the boundaries of the industry and is about to resonate in every corner of the world.

The three core members who created the turning point were the catalyst for the birth of NTT Sonority.

NTT sonority will work hand in hand with these members and collaborative partners to produce an unprecedented acoustic space.

We promise to deliver excitement and surprise to you.


Innovation Dept.

PhD. (Engineering) Masahiro Fukui

Inspiration" to create something from nothing

He is the creator of the Personal Sound Zone (PSZ) technology. In the early stages of the development of PSZ, when the members of the team heard the concept, they were skeptical about the idea and its effectiveness because it was so outlandish and without precedent. The best quality of sound depends on the situation, for example whether you are sleeping, concentrating, or exercising. The driving force behind the development of our products is our uncompromising commitment to "sound quality" while being conscious of TPO.

Endless Inquiry

Managing Director and CEO

PhD. (Engineering) Kazunori Kobayashi

An inquiring mind that faces the truth with a pure heart.

A researcher and developer of acoustical technology at NTT. He is the leader of the group that unites the researchers, but he is also a very hands-on person who travels to various industrial development bases in Europe and the United States to develop new technologies. As a result, Kobayashi's voice processing technology is already being used in automobiles, robots, and computer peripherals that you use on a daily basis. Kobayashi's unparalleled "inquisitive mind" was also indispensable in the commercialization of PSZ technology.

Linking Bridge

Vice President, Partner Alliance Dept.

Tetsuro Makise

“The linking bridge” from R&D to commercialization, from Japan to the world.

He has been involved in the commercialization of technologies and services for many years, bringing overseas technologies to Japan and Japanese technologies to overseas.
In this project, he has been inherited the intentions of the R&D members and supporting their dreams by realizing alliances in Japan and overseas that transcend the boundaries of industries, such as the aviation, automobile, furniture, and medical industries. With dreaming of the day when NTT's technology will be used around the world as a matter of course.


  • 2022.06.08

    • Information

    June 8, 2022, Aircraft premium class seat with immersive acoustic experience coming at Aircraft Interiors EXPO 2022 in Hamburg.

  • NTT Sonority Corporation will jointly exhibit with Jamco Corporation, a leading manufacturer of aircraft interior components, at Aircraft Interiors EXPO 2022 to be held at Hamburg Messe, Germany, from June 14th to 16th.

    In this exhibition, we will provide a brand-new experience in aircraft under the theme of "Ultimate Private Acoustic Space".

    Personalized Sound Zone speakers will be installed in the headrests of Jamco Corporation's "Venture" premium class seats.

    [Description of the unique acoustic technology]

    1. Personalized Sound Zone (PSZ)
      Technology which creates a private acoustic zone in an open space by enclosing the sound from the speaker and preventing sound from dissipating into the environment.
      Stress-free with no headphones and earphones and enables seamless communication with people around you.

    Aircraft Interiors EXPO 2022

    About NTT Sonority

    NTT Sonority is part of NTT Group, a leading company in the telecommunications business worldwide with long expertise in research and development for acoustic signal processing. Taking advantage of our unique and innovative technologies, starting from echo cancelling, noise reduction to personalized sound zone, our mission is to deliver comfort and new experience to lifestyles.
  • 2022.06.03

    • Information

    June 3, 2022, New smart chair with immersive acoustic experience coming at Salone del Mobile 2022 in Milan.

  • 2022.02.28

    • Information

    February 28, 2022, We exhibited at MWC Barcelona 2022.

  • 2021.09.01

    • Information

    September 1, 2021, NTT Sonority, Inc. was established.


NTT sonority, Inc.
September 1, 2021
and CEO
Kazunori Kobayashi
Capital stock
0.1 billion yen
Our Services
  • (1)

    Planning, development, sales, licensing, and contract development of software related to voice, sound, etc.

  • (2)

    Planning, development, design, manufacturing, sales and contract development of hardware related to voice, sound, etc.

  • (3)

    Research, development, provision of technology and contract research and development of technology related to voice, sound, etc.

  • (4)

    Research, analysis and consulting of information related to voice, acoustics, etc

  • (5)

    Planning, design, construction, installation, maintenance, operation and leasing of audio equipment

  • (6)

    Planning, production, distribution, and licensing of digital content

  • (7)

    All businesses incidental to or related to the preceding items

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